Friday, April 11, 2008


That was one cracker of a race! Phenomenal stuff from both Kimi and Felipe and a well deserved and hard earned third place for the wunderkid, home hero, Lewis Hamilton. Well, what can we say about Felipe. It was unfortunate for him to stall on the grid (probably due to a technical glitch) but, boy, did he make an astonishing come back! He was absolutely on the limit going into the braking zones and was just about managing to keep his front end off the marbles. Scintillating stuff! The Ferrari had unbelievable traction out of the corners that did well to help Felipe continue his charge from dead last. Kimi, well, it was this Kimi- the man who puts fear into the other drivers, as someone rightly said- that was a long time coming. You could almost sense his aggression in the car by seeing him using all of the road and more in his quest to lapping a second a lap faster than Alonso in the McLaren. The strategy for him was flawless, as was his driving. The F2007 looked very quick in relation to the McLarens . Talking about Alonso, he was able to keep his team-mate behind him with a bit of help from a better tyre strategy and that pit-stop fumble for Lewis. Atlast, we come to the toast of the British crowd, Lewis Hamilton. It must've been a bit disappointing for Lewis to have finished third having secured pole position in his first ever British GP. It shows us the extent to which Lewis has raised the bar for himself that we talk about disappointment when he has finished just third in his rookie season! :-) His opting for the harder of the two Bridgestones available during his first pit-stop was not, as it turned out, a good choice. While his team-mate and Kimi made the most of the softer compound tyres during the ultra fast second stint, Lewis was having to drive his car to the limits of the harder Bridgestone tyres. However, this is his zillionth consecutive podium position this season and that speaks volumes about the super natural talent that we are, I should say, fortunate to witness. His consistency bodes very well for his championship challenge. Elsewhere, the best of the rest, Robert Kubica, did very well to fend off Felipe who was hot on his gearbox for some 15 laps of the race.

In the end, Kimi managed to make up 4 points on Lewis but the Constructor's standings remain as such. It will be fascinating to see who will gain the upper hand come Nurburgring and it'll be even more so to watch the development race between the two classic rivals, Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes! Bring on Nurburgring!

Visit RUMBLING V8 this weekend for a low-down on the testing progress. See you then!

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