Friday, April 11, 2008


The results might force us into believing that McLaren dominated the Monza test this week 'coz they were top on all the 4 day sessions. But, tests can't always paint a true picture on the pecking order of the teams. They carry out different programs, handle various evaluation tests, some simulate long runs while some go in for quick lap runs on low fuel. If Ferrari has some concern with regard to the upcoming Italian GP, it's not the testing times rather it's the Ferrari's suspension system. Some say that the F2007 is not very comfortable hitting kerbs which characterise tracks like Imola and Monza. So in relation to Istanbul or Spa, for example, we might find the McLarens to be a bit more closer to the Ferraris.

But, whatever is the case, if Ferrari are to have a chance of bagging the title(s), they can not afford to finish anything other than a 1-2 in all the races. It's definitely a tall order but, Ferrari've to some how do it and they are capable of doing it. Watch out for the battle of the titans!

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