Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Obsessive Compulsive

This is what Ron Dennis, Team Principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, is being referred to as by many people. I guess this is the price one has to pay for trying to be as perfect as possible. And the F1 world has always been fond of branding the press releases given by the McLaren drivers and management as puppet talk. I've been pondering over this for quite some time and no matter which way I think, I simply fail to see why Dennis and his McLaren team should be, I should say, ridiculed by others in this way. This is not all; many people even go as far as suggesting that the McLaren Technology Center is something that isn't anything more than totally unnecessary. Again, this is something I strongly feel that the outsiders have no reason to give bad comments on. I admire Dennis' ability to have such high levels of attention to detail; after all this is something which most of us aren't fortunate enough to possess (if you do possess then that's fantastic!). To give you an example for this, the font style of the letters in the trash bins and the other texts in the McLaren Technology Center, match with the font style of the headings in the McLaren web site ( and that of the official team name "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes". Now this is something which most of us can't even think of in the first place! Another example for Dennis' passion for attention to detail is in the names; the motor-homes, as we call it, is named the "Brand Centre" by McLaren. And yes, this is also an object of criticism by many people.

As I previously mentioned, the McLaren press releases are puppet talks to many F1 insiders. If something is to be done in a particular way, it has to be done in that way. If the press releases need to look decent and refined, then it has to be in the lines of what McLaren does. I can't imagine anyone claiming that they love to hear uncouth, inconsistent and bad language. Yet, those people, who so easily condemn McLaren's style, seem to be on the contrary.

By now, I know, you would be thinking as to what I'm going to gain from Dennis or McLaren for writing this article. I'm not going to gain anything. Neither Vodafone McLaren Mercedes nor Mr. Ron Dennis needs my praise; this is nothing to them. But, some things in life affect me a lot. This is one of those things. That's why I wanted to write this article--not to gain recognition from McLaren or Dennis but to pour out my emotions. After all, when you come to know that you'll be laughed at when you try to be perfect, the situation becomes very serious. But, that is what it is in today's world and I'm afraid we can do little about it.

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