Sunday, May 25, 2008

Force India Lodge Complaint

The Force India Formula 1 team and Adrian Sutil have officially taken up the incident involving Raikkonen with the stewards. Here's what Mike Gascoyne had to say about the incident:

The frustration is that if that had been a Force India driver hitting a world champion we would expect to get a one or two race ban, but when it is the other way around it is disappointing that the stewards... well you know I hope they look at it and act accordingly.

That sort of driving, taking someone else out needlessly, as I said if that had been someone at the back, a young guy doing it, they would get a penalty. But it doesn't seem to happen the other way around.

He's dead right. It was a needless incident from Raikkonen that spoiled things for Adrian Sutil. I'm afraid the stewards will pass on this incident as just another racing incident, as Gascoyne says. My personal view is that Raikkonen should be sent to the back of the grid for the Canadian Grand Prix with a fine imposed on him. That'll give him the opportunity to bump into some more drivers.  

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