Thursday, March 19, 2009

The new “winning” system

"The world champion is the one who wins the most Grands Prix." That’s fantastic! The previous points system used to reward consistency and I think it’s right it has been changed now. I watch F1 to see who wins and not to see who potters around to finish in points scoring positions when a win is within their reach. Raikkonen won only 1 GP in 2003 to Michael’s 6. But he nearly won the championship with his consistency. I personally wouldn’t have liked if that had happened.

Plus, the teams who are not competing for the titles are not affected because the existing points system remains the same for them.

And the talk of the previous championship results being different is all a bit academic. As some one said, what positions the drivers aim for depends on what the points system is. Doing a quick math and juggling around the positions from previous years may not be exactly useful moving forward.

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