Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bahrain GP

What bugs me most more than the lack of drama in the Bahrain GP at Sakhir is I missed 1 hour of the race due to the clocks losing an hour due to daylight savings. Couldn’t it have happened on some other Sunday! I didn’t really expect racing with full tanks would make a race so processional. It is good that Schumacher scored points on his return and beat all but 5 drivers. I’m hoping he’ll be back to his form in a few races’ time. Red Bull were a big surprise to me considering they were largely silent in winter testing. While the first fly-away races are definitely a better indicator of the pecking order than testing, judgments have to be reserved until we get to Europe. I’m expecting to see some shake-up in the order of the first four teams. Jenson Button and Mark Webber performed as expected (somehow you don’t expect them to match or beat their energetic teammates, at least not every time).

You have to go all the way back to 2004 to find a season which Ferrari started in such a great fashion, which means it’s the first time Ferrari’s new management have tasted a 1-2 in the season opener. Alonso was cementing his position at the top with a series of blinding laps at the end but Massa could well have done the same had he not been required to run his engine rich.

Force India did very well to open a season with points and they last did this 9 years ago when they were Jordan. But it was actually a

disappointment as Sutil could well have scored substantial points but for the first corner melee. Their progress is significant as it is clear that they getting ever closer to the top teams all the time, and they beat teams like Renault, Williams and Sauber on merit.

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