Saturday, April 12, 2008

2008 Predictions - Part 2

Here's the next prediction list consisting of the next 5 teams in the order of ascending pace.


In my view, this is a team that lacks nothing. Well, almost. The resources are plenty, no lacking in the technical department too. The drivers? Enough for the moment but probably may need a replacement once they start sticking to the tails of the top-runners more often. So? A regular Renault challenger this season? You bet.


The biggest news bearer this season with the return of the much-hyped Alonso. And all the Alonso-brings-5 tenths-to-Renault is, frankly, laughing stuff. I do think that they can fight season-long with Williams, however. Challenging Ferrari and McLaren? Pah.


They seem to be getting back to where they belong. This is one team that I respect a lot. No manufacturer support, relatively limited budgets but still they take pains to design their own chassis and this is most admirable. This is one of the reasons why their way back to the sharp end of the grid is impressive.


Like Toyota, BMW Sauber are cash-rich. However, they put it to very good use, unlike Toyota, if I must add. Having gained a reputation for adopting the most aggressive developmental approach, BMW Sauber might make small slip-ups when they push hard targeting the bigger picture. Case in the point, their less then impressive initial pre-season testing form. But, overall, I would say they are the strongest contenders for the last podium spot. I don't expect them to trouble the red cars but, depending on how McLaren develop throughout the season, might have a sniff at the silver cars.


The team that almost pulled it all off last season, if not for one Alonso. Actually I'm quite surprised by how competitive McLaren is showing themselves to be this season. McLaren have, in recent years, had only zig-zaw seasons; one ultra-competitive year followed by one mega-ultra-disastrous year. Last year was great (in terms of performance) for the team. Wonder what this year holds.


The 2007 World Champion Team. They've so far set frightening pace in testing and start the season as one of the favourites for the title. I think Ferrari will not have a fight on their hands to defend their title. This sums it all. 

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