Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why Budget Capping Is the Way To Go

image F1 currently needs is a compromise between two very contrasting demands. The most important demand of all is the need to maintain its status as the top motor sport category. But then, it also needs to ensure that teams will actually be there to race a few years down the line and we are informed that at the current levels it is not possible to do that. So there you have it, the budget cap. Imagine this for one moment: You're given 25 lakh rupees to get yourself a nice house. You're also given two options: you can either build your own according to your taste or you can buy one that is not necessarily built to your taste. Wouldn't you much rather stick to your own design?

image logic here is very simple. In either case, it's your money that you're spending. Wouldn't you want your artistic skills to shine through, using whatever money you're given? Agreed that building your own house is, in a way, a chore. But, that's the point, isn't it. Life is a zero-sum game. If you want to achieve something, you lose something else that you don't attach too much importance to. 

image satisfaction that you get when you've done something on your own is immeasurable. It isn't any different in building a Formula 1 car chassis. Ask any engineer and he'll tell you that of the two, budget capping is the best idea. And it doesn't detract from the important issue too, which is to allow teams to survive in F1 and keep racing in the future. 

image capping satisfies everyone involved directly or indirectly in F1: team bosses, engineers, technical fans and sporting fans. What more can you ask for?

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