Saturday, April 12, 2008

Button and World Championship

Button sees himself challenging for the title in the 2009 season. Is it tall talk? It might look nothing other than just that. But not according to me. Outwardly, the gap between where Honda were last season and the world championship looks to be an enormous chasm. If we take a little bit of a deep look at he team, it will be crystal clear that they, undoubtedly, have the potential to reduce the chasm to a small crack. Yes, in my opinion, Honda can bridge the gap to the top teams in one season. As I've already discussed elsewhere in this blog, technical ability of the personnel, infrastructure and drivers are the basic things that need to be sorted out for a successful campaign. And now, Honda Racing have got it all. For the start, to lead the technical team, ex-Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn is there. Honda Motor Co.'s whole financial might is there. And, Jenson Button himself is there. Frankly, he is a lot better than his results show. He needs a car to demonstrate that and I hope Honda gives him that car in the coming season. I'm being selfish here because, I badly want to get treated to a fight between the top drivers of the F1 grid--Raikkonen, Button, Hamilton, Rosberg.

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