Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was good to look at the pictures of the TF108, Toyota's 2008 car. Actually, of all the F1 cars over the past few years, this Toyota is the car which I liked most. Another car that I was attracted to was the McLaren MP4-20, McLaren's 2005 car. The reason is, when the nose of the cars is broad and low, it quite appeals to me. In the TF108's case, the bridge wing (inspiration taken from McLaren) adds to the appeal. And the Ferrari-esque wheel shields make the BBS wheels look neat. Wish they could do something about the colour scheme however. It's not the actual white and pink scheme that's at fault; the way the pink colour is splashed onto the car could do with some tweaking for the better. In particular, the sidepod colour looks very awful in my opinion.

How effective the pretty looking car is, on the track, is a different matter altogether.

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