Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Fav Circuit

I've always asked this question myself. "Among the Grand Prix circuits all over the world, what's my favourite?" Initially, I thought the answer would be easy enough to find. Far from it. First, I looked at the (real) drivers' picks. Suzuka, Spa, Monza, Monte Carlo, Silverstone. I drove all these circuits (in the computer, of course) and I liked, er, all of them! I couldn't pick one as THAT circuit. So, I tried the other group, Barcelona, Montreal, Hockenheim, Interlagos. Again, there was no clear answer although I've to admit that Interlagos emerged as by far the circuit which I liked most of the lot. Undeterred, I looked at Sakhir and even the testing circuits, Jerez and Valencia. For the first few laps of Jerez I thought, "Whoa, this is it. The Best Circuit". After 50 laps, "Yuh, this is another nondescript circuit. Nothing more". Now, I'm trying out the Hermann Tilke designed, "spectacular" Sakhir circuit at Bahrain. Notice the word "spectacular". I don't know if I'll associate this word with Sakhir after another 50 more laps of F1-car-thrashing!

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