Saturday, May 24, 2008


That's the year in which Ferrari last locked-out the front row for the Monaco Grand Prix. And, they've done it again for 2008! Fantastic performance by both Massa and Raikkonen, who might have got those few hundredths which would've sealed the pole if not for the 'moment' in his hot lap. I reckon Ferrari will be in good shape indeed for the race tomorrow as their pace relative to McLaren all through the weekend doesn't encourage the idea that they've gone for an overly-light first stint. And, Massa was fastest in Q2, too. If the McLarens need to finish ahead of the Ferraris, their best chance is at the start. If Massa and Raikkonen manage to stay ahead at the start, they could stay ahead of the McLarens even after the pit-stops, not allowing for the Safety Car periods, mechanical troubles or pit-stop bungles, as they're, at least, as fast as the silver cars. Of course, there's still the rain factor, which can really mix up the pecking order of pace of the teams.

Whatever, Ferrari have proved they were not sitting twiddling their thumbs in the build up to this historic Grand Prix.

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