Saturday, February 28, 2009

Red Bull RB5

The new Red Bull racer was widely touted to be the best-looking car on the grid and so I was very eager to see its pictures. Well, the rear end of the car looks astonishingly narrow. It’s just unbelievable to think how the engineers could pen it but that’s F1, right? But the Ferrari F60 has the RB5 beaten in the height of the sidepods. The F60’s just as equally astonishingly make a rapid swoop moving backwards from the radiator inlet. But I don’t think the front of the Newey car is any better a looker than its rivals—it has a high nose (which I hate), makes an abrupt transition somewhere in the region where the nose cone merges with the monocoque and it has thin endplates that doesn’t quite appeal to me.

Although it must be said that the McLaren’s tail is neither as narrow as the RB5 nor is its sidepod as low slung as the F60. We can only guess which of the three turns out to be the performance torch-bearer on track. Or is it going to be some other team? Too difficult to answer.

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