Saturday, February 14, 2009

Well, 2009 season, what else

I'm so happy that the 2009 season will be starting soon. As much as there is the debate about who has got the fastest car, there is a debate running on who has the prettiest one! To me, the McLaren looks the best of the lot. The nose is more rounded than their recent versions (& other rivals) and that does it for me. I'm eagerly waiting to see if Felipe Massa is going to show the way around for Kimi Raikkonen yet again this season. But no such expectations at Renault. Fernando Alonso will be the team's priority and Nelson Piquet Jr. will attempt to get close to his teammate if he decides he has had enough with F1. Ah, there is our Red Bull! Is Sebastian Vettel going to run rings around Mark Webber? I suspect not; at least in qualifying. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for our own Force India. I'm still not convinced firing Mike Gascoyne is the best of the things thay they could have done. 

I hope, first and foremost for the employees' sake and the sport's sake, that Honda go racing this year too. The team looks too promising to be put in the sidelines.  

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